Communication is the process by which an individual establishes a contact with another that allows you to transmit information. This process involves several elements that may facilitate or hinder it.



“The communication between two people is produced when the receptor interprets the message in the sense that pretends the issuer”.




The forms of communication can be grouped into two categories: the verbal and nonverbal communication.


  • Verbal communication: that which refers to the words we use
  • Nonverbal communication: that which refer to a large number of channels, among which may be cited as the most important: eye contact, facial gestures, movements of arms and hands or body posture and distance.


Despite the importance that is given to verbal communication, between 65% and 80% of our communication with others we realize it is through nonverbal channels. To communicate effectively, verbal and nonverbal messages must match each other. Many difficulties in communication occur when our words contradict our nonverbal behaviour.