Interview feedback and final thoughts


This session provides jobseeker with disability with the necessary information and tools to:

  • Collect feedback from others concerning their performance in the mock interview process.
  • Objectively evaluate their mock job interviews.
  • Gain a greater understanding of their performance during the pre-employment agenda process.


Typically job candidates receive little or no feedback on their interview performance, due to employers’ reticence to speak candidly about interviewees’ efforts either because of concerns related to potential litigation or social constraints. This reticence is compounded by disability issues and the general public’s lack of awareness concerning the abilities of individuals who are blind or partially sighted. Therefore, jobseeker with disability needs to have the chance to assess their interview skills by listening to or viewing the mock interview videos; as well as, learning how others in the group have commented on their taped performances.

Candid feedback from representative by job centre or recruitment agency that focuses on what others see, hear and feel can help jobseeker to see him/herself as others see them – what attributes others see as their true talents and strengths. This activity also allows participant to practice giving and receiving feedback.


This session includes:

Discussion: Importance of receiving feedback and learning from others how to improve one’s performance in interviews and other work-related social situations.

Activities: mock interview video critique (discuss the interview critique). Repeat Activity: “What are employers looking for at an interview?”.