It’s show time: an interview performance


This session provides jobseekers with disabilities with the necessary information and tools to:

  • Apply what they’ve learned in the course to successfully complete a simulated job interview with a representative from the local job centre or recruitment agency, which might be videotaped for future reference.


Job seekers take the opportunity to practice their interview skills. Jobseekers with disabilities need input, ideally through close observation of self or through insights from others viewing their video performances, to understand what works best for them in an interview situation. By performing and receiving feedback in a controlled environment, participants can practice and improve their presentation style. Thus participant is able to gain confidence in his/her ability to perform.


This session includes:

Activity: Mock interviews (with an unknown interviewer, if possible, or someone other than the primary SE coacher), which might be videotaped. Repeat Worksheet “Pre-interview tips”.