How and when to disclose disability in the job search process


This session provides jobseekers with disabilities with the necessary information and tools to:

  • Examine ways to present themselves in a positive way.
  • Respond to employers’ possible objections to hiring an individual with a disability.
  • Build confidence concerning disability disclosure.
  • Produce a written disclosure statement.


There are a lot of issues related to job seeking and disability: what to disclose, when in the job search process to disclose, and how to present disability constraints positively while responding to concerns that people without disabilities may have about how tasks can be performed with adjustments or modifications. These issues need to be dealt with in a safe environment where jobseeker with disability can determine for him/herself how s/he will handle with this issue. By creating a disclosure statement and practicing it, person with disability can assess the effectiveness of their approach and modify it according to the impact which it can cause.


This session includes:

Activity: The participants review their disclosure statements with the SE coacher. Complete Worksheet “My declaration for self-respect”.