Myth busters – the reality of working as other people in the society


This session provides jobeseekers with disabilities with the necessary information to:

  • Understand services available while in employment and while engaging with employers.
  • Learn their legal rights regarding employment.
  • Respond to employers’ possible objections to hiring someone with a disability.
  • Determine when to disclose their disability in the hiring process and feel more confident in doing so.


Many people in the general public underestimate the abilities of people with disabilities. The misperceptions of the public (and employers) are due to both tlack of information about the people with disabilities and information conveyed through social networking channels over time. To alleviate others’ stereotypical notions, jobseekers with disabilities must first know what misperceptions they may have and then how best to counter their concerns. Jobseekers need to prepare how they would like to discuss their disability/impairment with a prospective employer so that they won’t be caught unaware by employers’ concerns. This session also supports participants to proactively address with co-workers, prospective customers or clients, and the general public any stereotypes that they may encounter particular to impairment.


This session includes:

Instruction: What do society think about people with disabilities and their access to employment?

Activities: Debate myths vs. facts when employing people with disabilities. A second exercise allows the participants to create a business case which will allow them to have a greater understanding of the employer’s perspective when hiring staff. A number of statutory employment services could be discussed. In addition, the SE coacher and the jobseeker with disability talk about legislative rights and responsibilities. Complete Worksheet “Your rights in employment” (see module 3).