Looking for work is harder than working!


This session provides jobseekers with disabilities with the necessary information and tools to:

  • Successfully network with others.
  • Learn techniques to engage with others when attending „Looking for a job“ events.
  • Learn strategies for maintaining network contacts.


Once participants have evaluated the viability of career options and identified what jobs they are interested in pursuing, they must determine how best to uncover job leads. They will likely know the most common methods for finding work: following up on job advertisements and working with job placement services; however, they may not have discovered how to find hidden or unadvertised jobs. This session helps participants learn about alternatives to traditional job seeking and gives them the skills to seek out careers of their choosing using research skills and communication skills such as networking to uncover job openings or opportunities.


This session includes:

Instruction: How People Find Jobs - DOs and DON’Ts

Activities: Discussion of strategies for networking, note taking following events, and appropriate follow-up techniques.

Assignment: Develop a personal network list. Start looking for information about prospective employers and their companies to submit in advance of mock interviews. Completion of Activity: “Making yourself more marketable”, Worksheet: “A motivational tool” and Activity: “My action plan”.