Career resources


This session provides client with disability necessary information and tools to:

  • Use a wide range of career and job search resources, including speed interviewing
  • Refine their vocational and career goals.
  • Broaden the scope and range of their job searches.
  •  Independently construct their career path using a variety of self-directed assessment tools and completed worksheets to evaluate how well their personal attributes match up to jobs.


Jobseekers with disabilities have indicated that they need to learn more about career and job search tools that can help them make informed career decisions. This session presents the participants with a range of career and job search tools. Leading to the discrepancy analysis, the participant completes a range of self-directed assessments (values, clarification, job analysis form, lifeline activity). The purpose of doing so will allow the participants further opportunity to absorb, reflect and determine if their career choices have altered as a result of analyzing additional career resources.


This session includes:

  • Review career resources, the importance of job analyses, and how to capture the information needed to complete a job analysis for jobs of interest.
  • Discuss speed interviewing, in relation to career exploration and working on job analyses.
  • Review self-evaluation: Interests, abilities, and values; assessment tools completed to date; and feedback from others to complete self-analysis.

Assignment: Review achievements to date and complete three job analyses. Completion of related worksheets from module 3 – Engagement, Vocational profiling and job finding.