This session provides jobseekers with disabilities with the necessary information and tools to:

  • understand the importance of self-awareness in relation to job seeking and career retention
  • consider what attributes they have of importance to employers and others
  • evaluate the preparation for their job searches and to facilitate career retention.


Often job seekers with disbailities have difficulty understanding how their personal attributes, talents, and behaviours as well as to learn how easily to read facial expressions or body language to judge the reactions of other people to them.


This session includes:

Instruction: What self-awareness is (use the lifeline activity to help describe the self-awareness process).

Activities: Discuss the importance of setting meaningful goals based on feedback from others and self-analysis. Describe how goal setting can create desire, energy, and focus. Define how your client thinks and feels about him/herself. Share initial impressions of each other and provision of a constructive criticism of an observed behaviour by the SE coacher.

Assignments: Complete worksheet “Current work values - what is important to you?”, Tests “Work values and motivation” and „Goal achievement“. (see module 3).