Labour market conditions and trends


This session provides jobseekers with disabilities with the necessary information and tools to:


  • acquaint themselves with local labour market resources
  • learn about career counselling process
  • implement a problem solving strategy for career exploration
  • learn the purpose and function of a Personal Data Sheet (PDS).



Jobseekers learn a how to deal with the local labour market trends through incidental or opportune learning: reviewing publications (newspapers, magazines, online databases, posters, television) as well as promotional materials (advertising on billboards, trains and buses, or in windows, for example). Job seekers who are with a disability frequently require instruction to learn about business and the local or national labour market, and to determine how to find pertinent information about market resources for future reference. For clients with visual impairments it is because they have limited access to the pictorial and written resources easily available to fully sighted people.


This session includes:


Introduction to career counselling process and the labour market trends: “what’s hot” and what’s not!


Discussion of local labour market resources, the Problem Solving Model, and the importance of a Personal Data Sheet. Complete Problem Solving Worksheet and Self-Directed Search (SDS). Discuss the local labour market trends and jobs available. Initial discussion on the action plan for finding a job.


Assignments: Complete strengths/problems checklist and begin working on the Personal Data Sheet. (see module 3)