I and my client with disability


This session consist of following outcomes:

  • SE coacher and the jobseeker with disability agrees on their cooperation agreement, consent to record only for the process evaluation purposes personal information about the outcomes from the SE process and the rules that will ensure successful implementation of the SE coaching process
  • initiate a list of strengths and attributes of the client with disability
  • recognise the importance of self-awareness as a component of the job search process
  • identify the anticipated programme outputs: a 3 job analyses, discrepancy analysis (comparing self to jobs analysed), list of possible jobs and prospective employers, personal data sheet, curriculum vitae, points to cover in an interview, format for cover letters and thank-you notes, defined goals (short- and long-term) and action plans for goal implementation.


This session addresses the importance of establishing and maintaining cooperation requirements, developing the soft skills needed for employment success, and initiating the self-awareness and career exploration process in preparation for matching oneself with disability to a job. This session also encourages the jobseeker to begin to think “outside the box” about themselves and the careers for which they are qualified and interested in doing, while recognizing the challenges faced by person with disability wishing to return to work or establish themselves in careers for the first time in their adult lives.


This session includes:

  • Introduction of SE coacher and the jobseeker with disability
  • Instruction: How Finding a Job Requires Self/Job Matching.
  • Activities: Short discussion of personal expectations and anticipated outcomes, Speed Networking Exercise, Ace breaking exercise, Complete cooperation Agreement and consent form; (see module 3)
  • Assignment: Strengths Checklist. (see module 3)