My role as a coacher in the SE process

The purpose of the Pre-employment agenda is to provide jobseekers with disabilities that are not in work with a structured learning environment where they can:

  • determine what knowledge, skills, and work behaviours (soft skills) they have to offer prospective employers
  • develop the problem solving and communication skills that enable them to successfully compete for jobs and develop healthy relationships in the workplace
  • explore career options in relationship to current labour market trends
  • refine and practice their job seeking skills, including how to generate on-line and paper applications, produce a CV, and interview successfully
  • receive feedback on in-demand soft skills based on observed behaviours in a simulated work environment
  • benefit from support and encouragement provided by qualified trainers who understand the ramifications of working without sight or with impaired sight.


The Pre-employment agenda overviews are designed to provide Supported employment (SE) coachers with a quick synopsis of each session’s content to be delivered during this fifteen sessions training programme.

Each overview includes the participant outcomes anticipated for the session, the rationale for including such information in a training programme for jobseekers with disabilities and a brief description of the content to be covered.

Please note that participants can only achieve the outcomes identified if they actively participate and complete all the sessions. This training is client-directed and facilitated by trained SE coachers in the framework of the COACH@WORK project.