The summary

The summary is aimed at summarising the key points and allows part of the reflection to be concluded.

  • ‘During this interview, we first identified the problem situation. It is described as follows… We then defined an objective for this interview, which is… We then analysed the situation. This allowed us to highlight… For the next time, you have decided to test… Do you agree with this summary?’
  • ‘As regards the question of contacting customers, you have listed three stages: the first will be…, the second will consist of… and the third… ‘

The summary allows the  recipient and the coach to address again the main objectives of the coaching process, while it is also the perfect time to set the goals of the process. During the summary the coach must have the  recipient’s promise to engage with the problem and with the chosen solutions. To achieve this, s/he must motivate him/her to believe in their own abilities and to remember the chosen sequence of the activities to reach the development needed.